Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Top 3 Reasons to Open Your Stock Brokerage Account NOW!

We are approaching one of those pivotal moments in our nation's economic history where fortunes will be made by many people.

There are many great stories about famous stock traders. With few exceptions, most of them made their fortunes from recognizing the right time to buy!

We will soon see severe volatility in the stock markets. Historically, during periods of volatile stock prices, there have been extraordinary "buying opportunities." Buying at the right time can mean multiplying your cash by ten times or more.

Many who have been "thinking-about-it" for years, have procrastinated opening their stock brokerage account while watching opportunity after opportunity go by.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

When stock prices plummet, you have to be ready to act!

#1 A stock brokerage account gives you access to opportunities.

Access to opportunities simply means that you have everything in place to take advantage of a buying opportunity when it arrives. Without a stock brokerage account, you cannot buy stocks. By opening your account and depositing some cash, you will be ready to act when the time is right.

#2 You will gain a new perspective on the definition of "wealth" and a better understanding of money-management.

You will realize that most of us have accumulated many common misconceptions about money and finance. Most new stock traders soon understand that making money this way is a learned set of skill-sets. It's not rocket-science. It's easy to learn. Also, it's comforting to know that you can withdraw your cash balance at any time.

#3 You will both broaden and deepen your education.

In today's world, it is wise to focus our education on a specific area so that we can excel at a particular profession or corporate career.

A negative side-effect, however, is a lack of breadth and depth in other areas of our education. If money-management is one of those areas in which you are weak, you will strengthen your knowledge of economics and financial matters when you begin trading stocks.

With a stock brokerage account, you will immediately experience a desire to "pay attention" to the economy and the performance of companies that you now "own."

There are countless numbers of "stay-at-home-moms" who "play the market" each day and have developed acute business judgment because of their new-found interest in making money by stock trading.

If you own only a few shares of stock in Disney, for example, you're one of the owners. You will want to pay attention to their operations and profits. Your financial education and money-management skills will grow.

It will not be a "chore." It will be a purpose-driven interest. You will find it to be exciting!

Try to imagine how different your life will be if you successfully double or triple your savings in a matter of months. Better yet, be specific and picture turning $1,000 into 3 or 4 thousand in 6 months. Then, consider the results of doubling that each year. This really has happened to stock traders who buy at the right time.

Again, we are approaching the right time to buy!

Think of some of the obstacles that you have already overcome. How long did it take you to get around to cleaning out and organizing your closet or garage? Shop around for online discount brokerage firms and you will soon learn that opening your stock brokerage account is a step toward prosperity that is simpler and easier than either of those two chores.

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